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Podium Introduction Video

Learn how Podium works in just 4 minutes :)

Features for Lead Investors

List Building

Join the Celebration List and connect with Passives. Build your contact list quickly. Stay in touch and communicate with your perspective investors.

Build your contact list now so the moment you find your first deal there is no delay making it happen.


Digital signatures are completely integrated into fundraising. Track every step for every investor in one place. Effortlessly raise your capital in days.

Always know exactly where you are in the fundraising process, every dollar, every investor, and every subscription contract.

Deal Management

Perform automated ACH transfers. Calculate distributions with one click. Create export to use in other systems like Resman. Share with your CPA.

Share monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. Upload K-1 statements to each investor.

Features for Passive Investors

Connect With Members

View the Celebration List and easily connect with other committed members. See who you haven't connected with, who is reviewing your request to join their list, and who you are connected to.

Learn more about members you are interested in investing with. Submit your pre-filled questionnaires.

Consider Offerings

Consider offers that Leads make available. Access documents securely. Respond to the offers with your investment amount. Submit your subscription agreement.

Watch as the offers progress from an invitation to soft commitment to subscription to closing.

Manage Investments

View all of your investments on the Podium platform. Every distribution is tracked. For each deal see your contribution amount, percentage of ownership, and distributions to date.

Access monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for each deal. Get your annual K-1 statement. All information is secure.

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Simple Affordable Pricing for Leads

Podium costs a fraction of other deal management apps

Deal management systems are expensive. IMS is $1,100 per month and has a setup fee of thousands of dollars. Even if you have only 1 or 2 deals and are just getting started. Other platforms are very expensive. Podium is priced affordably for all leads.

Aspiring Leads

$ 50 per month
  • $0 setup
  • For Aspiring Leads building their list of potential investors.
  • List Building

One Deal

$ 120 per month
  • $250 setup
  • For Leads with 1 deal.
  • List Building
    Deal Management

Two Deals

$ 240 per month
  • $500 setup
  • For Leads with 2 deals.
  • List Building
    Deal Management

Three Deals

$ 360 per month
  • $750 setup
  • For Leads with 3 deals.
  • List Building
    Deal Management

Four Deals

$ 480 per month
  • $1,000 setup
  • For Leads with 4 deals.
  • List Building
    Deal Management

Unlimited Deals

$ 600 per month
  • $1,250 setup
  • For Leads with 5+ deals.
  • List Building
    Deal Management

One-Time Setup Fee

$ 250 per deal w/max $1,250
  • We import your existing contacts, properties, and Exhibit A's for all your deals.
  • You get personalized training and stellar customer support.

Pricing for Passives

Being a passive on Podium is free. Everything you need to respond to offers and invest in deals with leads is available completely free.

If you would like convenience features as a passive you can subscribe to Podium Plus for $20/mo.

Podium Plus includes:
Investment Tracker
Distributions Reporting
Celebration List (connect with Leads)
Off-Podium Investments

Our Privacy Pledge

We pledge to protect and secure your data.

Your data is your data. You have full access to your data, always. If your Lifestyles Unlimited membership ends you still have access to all your data and can continue to use Podium.

Lifestyles Discovery LLC does not share Podium data with Lifestyles Unlimited, Inc. Lifestyles Discovery LLC is owned and operated separately and independently from Lifestyles Unlimited, Inc.

Providing customer support requires access to a customer's account on occasion. This access is given to trusted and specific authorized personnel at Lifestyles Discovery and is used solely for providing customer support services.

Podium is Designed by

Leads, Mentors, and Passives You Know and Trust

Curtis Haines, Charles Ho, John Pry,
Alex Clark, Lynn Murrow, Teri Gilblair,
Del Walmsley, Amy Saunders, Kevin Saunders,
Nicole Scott, Greg Scott, Ed Faulkner, Damon Janis

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