Common Questions

These are the most common and frequently asked questions we get. If you have a question not answered here, please send it to and we'll be happy to answer it.

What happens if I quit Lifestyles Unlimited (or get kicked out)?

You still access and use Podium. Your data is your data and you continue to access it. You continue to manage your deals and communicate with your investors and perform distributions.

Who owns the data in Podium?

You own your data. You can export it to CSV any time.

Who has access to the data in Podium?

Lifestyles Unlimited does not have any access to any data in Podium. A separate company named Lifestyles Discovery LLC was created which owns and operates Podium.

Is Podium secure?

Yes, Podium uses bank level security. All data is transported via SSL and TLS. It is stored encrypted in the database. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the data in Podium is protected and safe.

Why do I have to enter my Tax ID?

When you invest in an offering some leads require a tax ID. This is part of the subscription process (when you are investing in an offering) and is part of your profile information. Your tax ID is only provided to the lead when you invest in a deal.

How much does it cost?

Podium is priced to fit easily into your operating budget. It is significantly lower priced than the most popular platforms, and has advantages they don't have (like the Celebration List and providing passives one portal for all their deals). Please see the pricing details on the home page for all the specifics.

How does my data get into Podium?

Our stellar onboarding team will import your data. We import the Leads contact list, properties, and investors including all the information required to manage the investment and perform distributions. We have a simple and efficient process that makes it super smooth and secure to get up and running. Passives don't need to import data, this is all done when their lead investors join Podium.

Still Have a Question?

If your question isn't answered here send it to and we'll answer it with a smile :)

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